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A Vision for the Future of Caltrain

The Caltrain Business Plan includes four major focus areas that address key questions shaping the future of the railroad:


What is the best service Caltrain can provide to meet the needs of our customers and the communities we serve? How many trains should we run? How do we best match service to riders’ needs? What infrastructure improvements will be needed to provide the service? How can Caltrain effectively connect to other transit services?

Business Case

Why should we choose one service vision over another? How can we maximize the value of current and future investments in the Caltrain corridor? How much will the service cost to operate? How will we fund it?

Community Interface

What are the benefits and impacts of increasing service on the corridor to each community? How can we work together to grow the railroad in a way that balances the needs of all communities along the corridor with the goal to expand service and operate a safe and efficient railroad? How can we ensure this planning process and the outcomes are equitable?


What is the best organizational structure for overseeing and growing Caltrain service in the future?

When is it Happening?

Who is Involved?

The Caltrain Business Plan is a collaborative effort led by Caltrain with funding and participation from Stanford University and other organizations. We understand that each of the local jurisdictions we serve has a unique set of priorities, projects, and plans for growth. We are working closely with policymakers, stakeholders, Caltrain riders, and community members to make sure the Caltrain Business Plan considers everyone’s needs.

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